Sorting and Packing of Oranges

Egyptian Orange fruits are stored for export with international quality specification, which increase the life of the orange and its shelf life for up to 6 months, Alex Export have taken all the care and followed all the procedural requirements to maintain the quality of the Egyptian orange fruit from the time of dispatch to the time of delivery, ensuring that it reaches the consumer in a good quality by: –

  1. Examination the oranges after harvesting to be ensure, that oranges is free from insect and fungal infections, in addition mechanical effects due harvesting process.
  2. The suitable crops for export approved by special agriculture engineer while effected crops are rejected.
  3. Stapling oranges for export: -This stage lasts from 24 to 72 hrs., during which the orange fruits were placed in a well- ventilated, shaded place, allowing the oranges to partially lose moisture from their outer shells., to avoid fractures, cracks, or fungal infections, this increased the fruits’ ability to bear for longer life periods.
  4. Washing and disinfection inside sorting and packing stations by washing with disinfectants having the internationally recommended specific concentrations.
  5. Screening the fruits: – This done by the removal of the vegetative parts that come with the oranges, excluding infected fruits mechanically and satisfactorily and ensure that the orange free from all defects.
  6. The oranges are dried out form water.
  7. Waxing it is necessary process for oranges, this process was done by using recommended wax and disinfectants, to ensure that no fruit is infected with new fungal attacks.
  8. Drying oranges from the wax by passing it under certain temperatures to remove the wax viscosity.
  9. Grading is done electronically to separate the oranges according to their size and not their weights.
  10. Packing oranges in a way to ensure uniform karate weights. Then cover the cartons.
  11.  Cold storage was done before exporting to the world at temperatures from 3 to 7°C until shipping operation.