The Citrus Committee of the Egyptian Agriculture Export Council (AEC) announced the start of citrus season for (2022/2023) on December 1,2022

It is no surprise that Egypt is the sixth largest producer of orange throughout the world after Brazil, China, US, EU and Mexico. However, the real appeal of Egyptian Oranges that makes it so special is not just their high production rates, but also their distinctive sweet flavor, color and size which makes them yet worth buying and is an important source of foreign exchange; thanks to Egyptian climate that makes Egyptian crops unique and well grown in term of taste coloration and texture. Due to Egypt’s climate, Alex Export has two complementary growing seasons in summer and winter, giving it an advantage over other producers on our market.

Why should you import orange fruits from Egypt?

The conditions in Egypt have made it suitable for the cultivation of orange trees, including light to medium textured soils, sunlight, water, and good fertilization and pruning practices. A 32-degree temperature would also be helpful to maintain fruit firmness and freshness for about 30 days. Winter temperatures in Egypt limit leaf growth, which aids in the ripening and longevity of fruits. The PH range for orange trees should be between 6.0 and 7.0, and they also require 60 inches of water annually, all of which are met in Egypt.

Usually in Egypt, the Citrus season starts with Navel oranges & the Baladi Oranges and then the Valencia Oranges.

We at ALEX EXPORT are one of the biggest Egyptian exporters of fresh Citrus, Fruits and Vegetables. Since we have our own packing house, we guarantee to deliver only the best and freshest fruits to our customers all over the world under the supervision of our professional quality control staff who strictly oversee the production processes. Our oranges are highly sought after in different markets due to their excellent juicing characteristics and high quality.


We welcome the opportunity to be of service to you! 

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